Diagnosis: Deep Corneal Ulcer, Congestive Heart Failure

Savesa (Sa-vay-sa) was a stray that found us. It was a mild summer day, my husband and I owned a property maintenance company, and we were both painting outside on one of the properties we worked at. We decided to take a break, and as we walked back to our car, we saw this tiny sweetheart running toward us. She was running straight to my husband’s outstretched hands. As he began to kneel, she just leaped right into his arms. The first thing I thought was, of course, that someone had lost their dog. She wasn’t in the best shape, had sutures on her belly, and was really skinny. We notified the office of the property we were on and then headed home. Savesa needed to be checked by the vet before we could allow her around the rest of our pack, so I took her in the next day to get a health check. The vet said the sutures were from her getting spayed and needing removal about a week past due. She had ingested some sort of rodent and had a bad case of tapeworms. The doc got her sutures out and set up with the meds she needed, and home we went. Over the next few weeks, we tried not to get too attached in case someone came forward to claim her, but no one ever did. Savesa quickly became the favorite amongst our pack. She loved to play and cuddle with all of them.

When Savesa played really hard, she would get herself all worked up and start hacking; for a long while, we thought it was just a symptom of playing too hard. It wasn’t until she was about 13 that we discovered she had Congestive heart failure. Savesa was having issues with her right eye, so we took her to an Optometrist. The doc said she had a deep corneal ulcer, and her eye would have to be removed. She had to have a series of tests done, due to her age, to make sure she was healthy enough to proceed with the surgery. This was when we discovered she had CHF. Savesa needed to see a cardiologist before we could proceed with the surgery on her eye. The cardiologist had told us Savesas hacking was a symptom of CHF and would need meds for the rest of her life, but she was healthy enough to get through her eye surgery. Back to the optometrist we went. Savesas surgery was a success, her heart meds were working great, and we got another 3 years with her without more medical problems. Ultimately what took Savesa from us was a stroke. A couple of months before she passed Savesa had her first one, it left her with a hitch in her hind legs and her overall mobility declined but she was still her usual self. Playing with her siblings, still enjoying car rides, barking, and being sassy when it was time for her treats. Savesa had a second stroke shortly after the first one and it landed her in diapers. She couldn’t control her bowels and her mobility was extremely strained, she passed within days.

We had Savesa the longest at 16 years. She was the favorite of every person she met. She knew nothing of personal space and would hop up on everyone’s lap and give kisses like you were your best friend in the whole world. Savesas favorite things were her stuffed monkey, playing with all her siblings, watching T.V, car rides, dad, and grandpa.